About Us

At EXG Pro, Empowering Leadership Shapes Our Vision and Drives Innovation. EXG Pro stands out as a pioneering force in the business landscape, embracing the power of women in leadership. With an impressive 75% of our Board of Directors being female-led and 50% representation of women in our senior leadership team, we exemplify the ethos of gender diversity and inclusivity. Our dedication to promoting women in power not only fosters a balanced and dynamic work environment but also fuels creativity and innovation.In addition to championing gender equality, EXG Pro is committed to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. We invest in the future by offering opportunities to young talent, with 10% of our staff being students working part-time while pursuing their degrees. We actively engage with apprenticeship schemes and open our doors to first-year graduates, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. We also actively encourage career growth and continuous learning for all employees, Engaging in workshops and pursuing extra qualifications to guarantee we're constantly at the forefront of our specific fields of expertise.

Our recent entry into the UK's innovative Edge Scale-Up Program underscores our commitment and capability to expand on a global scale. This achievement is complemented by our current patent and five more patents awaiting approval, highlighting our dedication to innovation and growth and further propelling us towards the forefront of promising businesses in the UK. EXG Pro's commitment to gender diversity, youth empowerment, and innovation sets us apart, making us the catalyst for a brighter, more inclusive future in the business world.



As We Envision The Future, We Recognise The Growing Demand For Sustainability Among Consumers. Our Licensed Collectibles, Made From Durable Vinyl And Protected By Plastic-Free Packaging, Set A Standard For Eco-Conscious Consumers. We're Also Harnessing The Power Of AR Technology, To Transform Our Products, And Extend Their Lifespan, Offering Immersive Experiences That Captivate And Engage Consumers. Looking Ahead, We Strive To Enhance Production Processes, Boost Efficiency, Reduce Waste, And Curtail Our Environmental Impact.


In 2020, following two years of testing, we unveiled our improved environmentally-conscious packaging! Continuing our journey towards greater eco-mindfulness, we've completely eradicated plastics, cable ties, and non-sustainable finishes from the packaging of both Cable Guy Original and Cable Guy R.E.S.T. For other products, we prioritise recyclable packaging wherever possible, even if cables are included.


The first brand introduced at EXG Pro was our controller and phone holder range: Cable Guys. In the product's packaging, we included a cable (we even incorporated the term "cable" in the product name). However, after conducting further research, we realised that many of our customers already had charging cables with their devices, making our included cables unnecessary. In line with our sustainability goals, we made a conscious decision to shift to plastic-free packaging for all our products. During this transition, we opted to exclude cables from our packaging unless they are essential for powering the specific product, for example as a type C cable powers our Deluxe and IKON ranges, they are still provided. 


We are dedicated to educating ourselves on responsible and sustainable business practices. We are proud members of Products of Change, an online hub fostering sustainable education and peer-to-peer learning within the consumer goods industry.

Our Customers

Did you know that many Cable Guy owners keep or share their products, usually passing them on to friends or family when no long in use? We aim to continue to inspire and help all of our customers to pass along the Cable Guys they aren’t using – keeping them in circulation and out of landfills. Alongside this, we also aim to continue creating long-lasting products that stand the test of time, with the aim being that products bought years ago can continue to be used and re-used for different purposes everyday in people's lives. To help make this easier to do, we are continuing to develop products that not only work as they are, but that can also be combined with other digital experiences to enhance the experience. Our hope is that, in combining a strong, well-crafted product with fresh innovative dynamic digital creations, it'll guarantee a longer lifespan for all of our products, whilst also enhancing the experience for our customers.

Have Your Say

We're committed to meaningful change, striving to enhance our sustainability within the business. Achieving carbon neutrality is our goal, and while progress will take time, we're mapping out plans for the next decade and beyond to maximize our positive impact on the planet. If you have ideas to contribute towards this endeavor, please reach out to us via email.

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