Harry Potter Hogwarts 'Light Up' Cable Guys Ikon Phone & Controller Holder Harry Potter Hogwarts 'Light Up' Cable Guys Ikon Phone & Controller Holder
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Cable Guys Light Up Ikon, Phone and Device Charging Stand £39.99
The time has come to bring the magic of Hogwarts home with our Harry Potter Ikon.Whether you know which house you belong to or not, our Harry Potter Ikon has arrived to illuminate your home, and you don’t even have to say “Lumos”. Carefully crafted to honour the crest of one of the most infamous of wizarding schools in the world, this Ikon is ready to hold any item you choose to place upon its patented R.E.S.T. system.The wizardry behind this piece lies in the Hogwarts golden crest that’s set atop the sleek column, detailed with a unique decal celebrating each of the four houses, their colours and emblems, all finished off with a striking yellow LED-lit detailing along its side, ready to ensnare all who gaze upon it. The new-era of lightup charging stands, perfect for the PS5 or XboxS/X controllers 2 USB fast charging points Patented Rotating Entertainment Support Tray (R.E.S.T.) system to hold your controllers, phones and other items Black column with yellow LED lit edge, topped with a light up Hogwarts crest, and detailed with a decal celebraing the four houses on the column front Based on the Hogwarts school crest 1.2M / 4FT Type C Cable Provided. Controllers and phones NOT included
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