We are Exquisite Gaming Limited and we believe in creating Products with a Purpose. Based in London, we are passionate Gaming and Entertainment Specialists, enthusiastically committed to delivering Unique, Authentic and Collectable Products, intended to surprise and delight fans all over the world.


Cable Guys are a range of highly detailed figures made to hold your Gaming Controllers, Smart Phones, TV Remotes, or anything else you can think of. 8"/21cm in height and built for stability. Cable Guys offer a collectible assortment of your favourite characters that have so many uses. You'll wonder what you did without them.

Cable Guys, The Original Phone & Controller Holder Banner

1. Set up your Cable Guy as the focal point of the room

2. Place your controller, phone or whatever fits, into your Cable Guy's hands...

3. Admire your favourite character as it neatens up the room!

Cable Guys IKONs


Designed to bring some of the most iconic symbols from the worlds of Gaming and Entertainment home, our IKON range is an evolution of our Cable Guys, illuminating the way towards an even more impactful setup. Whether you choose to display your items in the patented Rotating Entertainment Support Tray or you’d rather use IKONs as a vibrant feature, we guarantee that it’ll make your setup Ikonic.


MetaMerch strives to be so much more than Drinkware. Designed to offer fans another way to collect and engage with their favourite characters, wrapped up in a giftable form factor that offers immediate functionality. Consuming content can be thirsty work and MetaMerch is there for you, whether you're playing or displaying.

MetaMerch, Hero Homeware
Big Box, Limited Edition Gift Boxes


With an Exclusive range of bespoke products, each Big Box is never the same. Created to feel as though authentically lifted from the world of each chosen franchise, every Big Box has been carefully constructed to offer fans a way to immerse themselves in the content the love. Just make sure you grab yours before they're gone.


The next generation of charging stands. Impact responsive docking base that lights up when any Cable Guy is placed inside, providing an exciting new way to display and play with your favourite characters from the world of Gaming and Entertainment.

The next generation of charging stands
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