Cable Guys
Banjo-Kazooie Cable Guy Phone and Controller Holder Banjo-Kazooie Cable Guy Phone and Controller Holder
RARE: Banjo-Kazooie Cable Guys Original Controller and Phone Holder £34.99
Joined by his inseparable companion stashed in his backpack, the red-crested Bgreegull Kazooie and Banjo - the banjo-playing honey-bear - are fresh from an adventure in Gruntilda’s Lair. As part of our much-loved Cable Guys range, from the world of gaming and entertainment, the fun-loving Banjo will kindly hold your controller, phone, or anything else you can fit into his hands. Guh-HUH! • Banjo-Kazooie phone, remote control, and gaming controller stand/holder• Compatible with most types of smartphones and console controllers, including the next-gen PlayStation 5 DualSense, Xbox Series S/X, and all iPhones even e-readers• Perfect for gifting to any retro gamer• Officially licensed by RARE, styled on video game Banjo-Kazooie• Approx 8.5" tall  • The Original Phone and Controller Holder
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