The Thor: Love and Thunder Second Trailer has Dropped!

The Thor: Love and Thunder Second Trailer has Dropped!
There's under a month to go before the release of Thor: Love and Thunder and we can't deal with how good Gorr the Godbutcher (Christian Bale) looks. Drenched from head to toe in black and quite, and enhanced by an incredibly noir tone, his entire presence is something otherworldly and has surpassed what we'd expected for his look.
But he's not the only character that we're being properly introduced to. Alongside this dark entity, we also finally catch a proper glimpse of Zeus (Russell Crowe), who perhaps looks less physically imposing than you'd imagine, but whose personality it feels like will pleasantly dominate his scenes.
Alongside these tantalising reveals, we also get a better look at Jane Foster as the Goddess of Thunder (Natalie Portman), and wow, does she look powerful. Not only to we get a better idea of her strength with the electrifying bolt released from within what appears to be a crypt, but we also see her just really owning her power through the confident way that she carries herself.
Talking about powerful female role models, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) really seems to come into her own in this trailer too, with the snapshot of her going against Gorr using one of Zeus' thunderbolts looking particularly cool.
On the theme of cool weapons, and what perhaps was less punchy than in comics, was the introduction to Gorr's ancient necro sword called All-black. According to the comic books it is a powerful, shapeshifting sword, though, from all the shots shown, this was more a broadsword looking piece. Time will tell!
Overall, it appears that this movie may be equally as visually stimulating as it'll its story will be, but only time will tell if we'll be as hyped by the movie as we have been by all of the trailers so far.
To get your setup ready ahead of the movie release, treat yourself to our Thor Cable Guy.
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