Games with a Festive Feel

Games with a Festive Feel
Regardless of whether you're the festive type or not, there's no greater sense of enjoyment that when a game brings in a theme or moment that ties into the season, Christmas included.
So, to take full advantage of the festive period, we're celebrating some of the games that bring it to life in-game.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Though Batman himself may not be the first person you'd associate with the Christmas period, this outstanding game sees you fighting to defend Gotham over Christmas Eve, with snow and decorations to boot. Nothing says festive than kicking butt, right?

 Batman Arkham Origins Snowing Christmas

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The idea of New York during the Christmas period has been a hook in anything from books to movies, and it clearly still warms the heart in game form.

This PS4 update of the Spider-Man game featuring the lovely Miles Morales will see you web-slinging your way around the city as snow falls around you, and also features some incredibly festive cutscenes!

 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Christmas Still

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Now, for those of you who haven't played The Division before, it isn't very festive at all, however, with all of those Christmas decorations littered throughout the city, it does retain at least a little of the magic of the season. Set during a viral outbreak during Black Friday, the holidays offer a contrasting backdrop for the chaos that lingers.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

No list of festive feelings games would be complete without Animal Crossing: New Horizons as this adorable title really goes out of its way to mark the occasion. From its snow-littered village to an array of wholesome, festive activities, it really goes a long to way towards getting us into the spirit of Christmas.

 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Christmas Still

Super Mario Odyssey

Though not entirely focused around Christmas (though, that'd be awesome!) fans of the season can escape to the Snow Kingdom for a little holiday cheer.

Entirely decked out with a snowy landscape and featuring sleigh bells ringing and holiday-ready enemies, this place definitely brings some cheer.


What other games get you into the festive spirit?

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