EXG: SP2 Red Cable Guys Powerstand, Headphone Charging Stand with Phone Rest


EXG: SP2 Red Cable Guys Powerstand, Headphone Charging Stand with Phone Rest


The next generation of charging stands, but make them colourful! Packing all of the same features as the original SP2 Powerstand, this new colour-way packs a powerful punch but now in red. The Central Charging Drum now houses 3 USB Ports which allow simultaneous power-ups for all your electronic needs. Impact Responsive, Halo Lighting is activated when any Cable Guy is placed within the Circular Cradle. And the Fixed Boom, now wider and thicker for more secure support, extends up to the silicone padded Headphone Rest at the top. A Smart Phone Shelf has been added for additional functionality, Storage Hooks remain on the back to tether any excess cables, and a new Control Block at the base provides Sequential Power Flow through the product from the 1.2M/4FT red cable, Charging Cable provided. The Powerstand SP2 is the latest evolution of accessory, made for the fan, built for the pro, and guaranteed to enhance any gaming setup.

Available in red with black accents and white lighting, they provide the perfect accompaniment to your console of choice.

• The latest development of charging stands, perfect for the PS5 or XboxS/X controllers
• Compatible with most headphones and Cable Guys.
• A must-have for any gaming set-up • 3 USB charging points
• Modular Construction
• Additional phone shelf built into headphone stand
• Impact responsive Halo Lighting

1.2M / 4FT Type C Cable Provided.

Instruction Manual provided via QR Code on the packaging.

Compatible with all round base, 8'' Classic Cable Guys.
Cable Guy and headphones are NOT included

Instruction Manual

Compatible with all-around base, 8'' Classic Cable Guys. Cable Guy and headphones are NOT included. 

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