MARVEL_IKON_THUMBNAIL_GLOW Marvel 'Light Up' Cable Guys Ikon Phone & Controller Holder
Marvel 'Light Up' Cable Guys Ikon Phone & Controller Holder $39.99
There's something new to marvel at – say hello to our Marvel Ikon.No, you haven't traveled through the multiverse, it's just time to combine the superhero world with your setup. Crafted in white and featuring an illuminated version of the iconic Marvel logo set atop a light-up-edged column, this Ikon brings the symbol of some of the most beloved comic book characters to your setup whilst also holding anything from your controllers to your phone in its patented R.E.S.T. system. As with any Marvel creation, its central column is also detailed with the classic comic book strip design in the form of a decal. As if that’s not enough, you can bring even more of an edge to your Ikon by connecting our SP2 Powerstand headphone rest into the back, adding an extra function to your power stand display. The new-era of light-up charging stands, perfect for the PS5 or XboxS/X controllers Compatible with the SP2 Powerstand headphone rest 2 USB fast charging points Patented Rotating Entertainment Support Tray (R.E.S.T.) system to hold your controllers, phones and other items White column with white LED-lit edge, topped with a light-up Marvel logo and detailed with a Marvel comic strip decal on the column front Based on the Marvel logo 1.2M / 4FT Type C Cable Provided. Instruction Manual provided via QR Code on the packaging. Controllers and phones NOT included
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