About our products

We sell our products via our Amazon Shop here in the UK. Please see full list of distributors here.

Yes, items available for pre-order in most territories on Amazon, keep an eye on the website as we’ll always provide you with pre-order details here. Pre order items have a zero value at checkout, you will be contacted for payment prior to delivery.

Not all items are available worldwide, for a list of what is available in your country please email us.

We value your feedback and always want to know which characters you want to see next, we even have a form you can submit here.

Each characters takes months to lovingly create, working closely with licensors. Although we cannot create one-off characters we value customer feedback and you can submit your suggestions here.

Returns and exchanges

All items should be returned to the retailer in which the products was purchased.

Please see our shippings and returns policy here


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