San Diego Comic Con at Home

This weekend kicks off San Diego Comic Con and we've confirmed three new characters with Lucas Film, joining the line-up this year: 
San Diego Comic Con
Boba Fett Cable Guy
Reunited and re-armored in all his glory is our favorite bounty hunter and clone, the Boba Fett Cable Guy is inspired by the notorious legend!  And thanks to EXGs patented REST holding system, this Cable Guy arrives in a new dynamic pose, ready to hold whatever cargo needs capturing.
Imperial Stormtrooper Cable Guy
Still enlisted in the Imperial Army after the fall of the Galactic Empire – and still our favorite buckethead - The Imperial Stormtrooper Cable Guy does its duty. Holding an E-11 blaster rifle, this stormtrooper inspired set won’t ‘move along’ when it comes to keeping your phone or controller safe and secure.

Ahsoka Tano Cable Guy
Survivor of Order 66, a Force-sensitive leader and an inspiration for all who oppose the Empire, Ahsoka Tano is a warrior for peace and justice in the galaxy.  The Ahsoka Tano inspired Cable Guy is ready to hold and protect your mobile phone or gaming controller from harm – while it charges!
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