Amy Rose Cable Guy Phone and Controller Holder


Amy Rose Cable Guy Phone and Controller Holder

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Sonic the Hedgehog is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and joining the party is Sonic’s self-proclaimed, pink-furred girlfriend Amy Rose. Renowned for her infatuation with Sonic and by his side throughout every adventure, Amy is here to protect most types of gaming controllers and mobile phones.

  • The Original Phone and Gaming Controller Holders 
  • Amy Rose Phone Stand and Controller holder (plus anything else you can think of)
  • Officially licensed by SEGA, styled on Amy Rose
  • Approx 8" tall 

Compatible with most types of smartphones and console controllers:

  • Compatible with PS5 Controllers
  • Compatible with PS4  Controllers
  • Compatible with Xbox Series X  Controllers
  • Compatible with Xbox Series S  Controllers
  • Compatible with Xbox 360 Controllers
  • Compatible with Xbox One Controllers
  • Compatible with all iPhone and Android devices
  • Compatible with eReaders

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