Xbox and Bathesda Games Showcase 2022 Highlights

Xbox and Bathesda Games Showcase 2022 Highlights
Let's be honest, one of the best ways to spice up a quiet Sunday is with an event, and the Xbox and Bathesda 2022 Showcase did just that. Packed with release dates for hotly anticipated titles and snapshots of what's to come, there was a lot to take in on the day.
So, sit back and read on to discover exactly what we're so excited about!


Overwatch 2 

 If you've been needing a little more Overwatch in your life, then listen up, because Overwatch 2 will be gracing screens this October!

Coming in with a new trailer and a release date, this new addition to the Overwatch games will also include a brand-new character that some have said has serious Mad Max vibes.


Originally expected in November 2022 but now set to release early 2023, Starfield combines classic roleplaying games with world exploration, plus the recently revealed ship-building capability. Wow.

From its visuals to the playing options available within the game, it feels like it'll definitely pack one mighty punch once it's released.

Diablo IV

If you've recovered from the shivers the trailer gave you, then you're tougher than us. Featuring an all-new necromancer class, and with Blizzard sharing that the final mission is only the beginning of the game, it sounds like this'll be a doozy. 

As expected, the graphics look impeccable, which can only mean that some of us will probably have to spend part of the game yelping in surprise. At least we still have until 2023 to prepare, right? 

Forza Motorsport

But it's not all spine-chilling monsters out there, as Forza Motorsport brings its latest game into the arena. 

Set to arrive in spring 2023, this game is set to be a real spectacle for fans, with the visuals bringing some real freshness to the feel of the game. 


An edgy co-op, first-person shooter style game, Redfall gives you the chance to battle vampiric entities as they befall upon the fictional town of Redfall, Massachusetts. Though we will have to wait until 2023 to battle these blood-sucking vampires, we're sure that it'll be worth the wait.


We may all already know that family means everything to Vin Diesel, but just in case you'd forgotten, ARK 2 is here to ensure that you never forget it.

Featuring the mighty actor himself, this new game is set on the planet Arat and is packed with dinosaurs and new dangers for players to immerse themselves into. But we'll unfortunately have to wait until 2023 to explore.

Minecraft Legends

For many people, Minecraft has been one of the main building blocks for their love of gaming (pun intended) and now, they're adding some next-level spice.

 Set to be released in 2023, this will look much the same as the beloved Minecraft that we all know, but this time you must work together to defeat the Piglins, who threaten to corrupt the Overworld.


 Having emerged from the same studio that brought us Fallout: New Vegas, this 2-D design, narrative-style game is set in 16th-Century Bavaria and will take players on a journey through this realm alongside Journeyman Artist Andreas Maler during a time of great social unrest. 

Being set-up as a detective style game and with this unique art style, we're really curious to find out how this game plays. Something we won't have to wait long for, as it'll be with us in November!

High on Life

Ever found yourself watching Rick and Morty and wondered why they don't make games? Well, this is for all of us who have ever wondered.

From the creator of the fan-favourite animated series, High on Life is a funny, firt-person shooting game which sees players fighting against a cartel who sell humans as drugs to aliens, with the aim being to takeout Garmantuous, the head of the operation, using charismatic talking guns.

However, if you'd like to give this one a go, you'll have to first grab yourself an Xbox X|S first as this'll be an exclusive to the console.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Focused around the titular character, Benedict Fox, players will use his unique bond with a demon to deep-dive in the minds of those who have passed to discover the mysteries that led to the callous murder of a couple, whose bodies were discovered in an old mansion and whose child has vanished. 

We were pretty enamoured by the aesthetic of The Last Case of Benedict Fox and can't wait to play it next spring!


What were your showcase highlights?

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