Wonder Woman: 80th Anniversary Celebration!

Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary
This year marks the 80th anniversary of Wonder Woman's first-ever appearance in All Star Comics #8, published in 1941.

Created by psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston, aka Charles Moulton, and artist Harry G. Peter, Marston looked close to home for inspiration. At the time, Marston was involved with his wife, Elizabeth Marston, and their life partner Olive Byrne, both of which inspired the physical appearance of Wonder Woman as we know her today.

Since her first appearance, she has grown to become a symbol of female strength and independence and continues to be to this day. In television, Shannon Farnon, Susan Eisenberg, Maggie Q, Lucy Lawless, Keri Russell, Rosario Dawson, Cobie Smulders, Rachel Kimsey, and Stana Katic, among others, have provided the character's voice in animated series. Alongside this, she has also been depicted in both film and television by Cathy Lee Crosby, Lynda Carter, and by Gal Gadot in the most recent DC Extended Universe films.

Thanks for being such an icon, Wonder Woman!
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