What to Expect from the Moon Knight Series

Moon Knight Disney Plus Poster
The Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde of Marvel Universe has arrived and it looks as though it'll be a showstopper! Dazzling us in his all-white ensemble, Moon Knight played by Oscar Isaac, will soon be emerging from the darkness and onto Disney Plus, sharing his manic life in which he tries desperately to balance his life as Steven Grant, an assistant at a museum in London, with his other personalities.
Those who may already know this particular hero (yes, HERO), may be a little confused as to why his name has been changed from the classic Marc Spector, but this could potentially be a personality being held back purposefully for future character development. 
In terms of personality, there have also been some changes here too. Marc Specter is an affluent and confident man of taste, whereas in this iteration of the character his Grant character comes across as being quite the opposite.
From all of the snapshots we've seen from the series so far, we think this'll be a truly memorable addition to the MCU.
Are you excited for it too?
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