Trick or Treat: Characters We'd Love To See As Both Naughty and Nice

Ryu Cable Guy
Halloween is all about the scary and the creepy, but that's not say that the other side of the coin isn't important too – we do say trick or treat, after all. To balance out both the naughty and nice, and partly inspired by Streetfighter's Ryu and Evil Ryu, we've put together a list of characters we'd love to see as naughty or nice versions of the original.
Harley Quinn
An incredibly fearsome in her original form, Harley Quinn will either make you laugh or cry, perhaps even both if the occasion calls for it. But what if her devilish transformation had resulted in her becoming ultra-sweet instead? Harley Queen-0f-hearts, maybe.
Venom, much like Harley, is usually more of an anti-hero than a villainous symbiote, but that's not to say that he isn't terrifying. I mean, he does have a real taste for humans... But we'd love to see him as more gentle and cutesy symbiote for sure.
Grogu could potentially be one of the cutest characters we've ever met, but could you just imagine the level of mayhem he'd unleash if he was mean, green and all-powerful? 
Toddler Groot
I am Groot? More like, I am adorable. Endlessly devoted to his friends and beloved by all, Toddler Groot, or Groot more generally, can win the heart of anyone who comes across him. Though, imagine if all of his adorable qualities had been chucked out of the window and he'd instead been an tree monster instead? We'd kind of love to see it.
Now, we know that Pennywise the Dancing Clown is just one of many forms that this monstrous entity takes, but what if he was just – you know – a nice clown instead? We'd love to see him with a foamy nose, little horn, and a slightly less creepy smile.
What characters would you love to flip the switch on?
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