Thor: Love and Thunder Teaser Reveal

Thor: Love and Thunder Poster
After having us wait on tenterhooks for a quite some time, we've finally been blessed by the Marvel(lous) gods with a brilliant new teaser trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder! But what has been revealed?
Starting off with a Thor (Chris Hemsworth) voice over suggesting the end of his role as a superhero, we then flit off to a few shots of him getting into shape and finding himself once again, supported by the Guardians of the Galaxy crew.
Amongst these snazzy shots of these well-established characters, we also catch a glimpse of a new backs of heads, and refreshed characters too. Not only do we get a look at Zeus (Russell Crowe), but the teaser comes to an end with a powerful shot of Jane Foster's Thor (Natalie Portman), poised and ready for action.
Bring a little thunder to your setup with our Thor Cable Guy.
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