Things We're Loving from the Hogwarts Legacy Game

Things We're Loving from the Hogwarts Legacy Game
We may only have just started exploring the magical world of Hogwarts through our own eyes in Hogwarts Legacy, but, let us tell you, it is already surpassing our expectations!
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Set in the 1800s, you're fresh, new fifth-year student looking to make their mark on the magical world when you discover that you're perhaps a little more magical than you'd first thought. This game is built to take you, and your character, on a journey of magical discovery, with plenty of exciting touches along the way.
Though we're yet to complete the game, here are a few of the smaller details that we've been enjoying so far!

All of the Snacks

Don't get us wrong; the detailed visuals hooked us in, but sometimes the small things are what keeps us going in terms of exploration, and the (literal) snacks on offer throughout are one of them. 
These mini-interactive opportunities not only make it feel a little more realistic, but some even let you play with a little magic along the way, so be sure to eat your way through!

Purring Cats

One thing that we didn't expect was the number of cats that would be wandering around not only the grounds, but also other locations, such as Hogsmeade. However, and especially if you're quite the cat person, the best past of having so many adorable felines around is the fact that you can pet them all. Really.
We're yet to find them all, but we guarantee that we'll be petting every single one of them before the game is over.


 Nods to the Movies

 For many of us, our first experience of the world of Harry Potter was through the film adaptations of the much-loved books. As you can imagine, when we started playing and noticed the striking similarities between scenes, our minds were blown.
Whether it's taking a leaf out of Harry's sorting ceremony, or the moment that he finds a wand all of his own, there side-by-side comparisons that we've seen online.

Interactive Suits

Whether you're running down the hallways and they interact with you directly or you're chatting to a friend in the corridor, the suits play an important role in filling the game experience. 
Sometimes they'll be nudging each other, and on other occasions they'll actively be pointing at you to stop treating the castle as your own personal playground, but they do a fantastic job of adding a little magic to even the smaller moments.

Spellbinding Soundtrack

Though not exactly the same as what we'd associate with the franchise, there are frequent touches of the magical, twinkling soundtrack from the movies integrated within the game soundtrack.
We've been humming it to ourselves for the last couple of days.
Let us know what you think of the game so far below!
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