The next generation of charging stands is here!

The next generation of charging stands is finally here! Boasting sleek lines, rigid stability, and an impact responsive docking base that lights up when any Cable Guy is placed inside. The new Powerstand from Exquisite Gaming has been carefully designed to enhance any environment, and provide an exciting new way to display and play with your favourite characters from the world of Gaming and Entertainment.

White Powerstand from Exquisite Gaming
Controllers or Smart Phones can be charged directly via the USB port in the front of the base, while your Cable Guy of choice holds them securely, lit up with dramatic effect by the LED Halos around the top and bottom of the docking base. And your Headphones can rest in the cradle above, protected from scratches by the comfort coating layer, while any tethered cables can be neatly wound around the storage hooks on the back.
Powered by the 1 metre long, Type C USB Cable provided, and available in both Dazzling White with blue lighting accents, or Midnight Black with green lighting accents, they provide the perfect accompaniment to your console of choice 🎮💥
More info on Powerstands


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