Sonic Colours: Ultimate Trailer

Sonic Ultimate Colors Poster

What a way to celebrate Sonic's 30th Anniversary! Evil Dr. Eggman is at it again with an interstellar amusement park powered by “Wisps”, the captured alien race that Team Sonic are on a mission to free. Each Wisp has their own unique colour powers which they use to help Sonic on his mission as he speeds through the amusement park planets. Built off the 2010 classic, the original Sonic Colours, Sonic Colours Ultimate promises the high speed, non-stop action that has become so iconic within the world of gaming as well as new game modes, enhanced visuals and enhanced gameplay.

 The game is available for pre order, across platforms and will undoubtedly have you hooked. Be sure to check out our Sonic Cable Guys Collection for the perfect compliment to your new Sonic Colours game and for when you (eventually) put your controller down!


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