Powerstand SP2: A New Generation of the EXG Pro Powerstand

Power Stand SP2 with Master Chief Cable Guy sitting in base
Imagine us, hunched over a development desk, frantically working on crafting the perfect power stand. Picturing it? Well, friend, that's exactly what we've been doing. Set to be released very soon, our brand-new phase in power stands is here; the Powerstand SP2.

Stronger and more powerful than its predecessor, the Powerstand SP2's Central Charging Drum now houses 3 USB Ports, allowing for simultaneous power-ups of all your electronics. Impact Responsive Halo Lighting is activated when any Cable Guy is placed within the Circular Cradle, and the Fixed Boom, now wider and thicker for more secure support, extends up to a padded Headphone Rest at the top. Along with these features, a Smart Phone Shelf has now been added for additional functionality, with Storage Hooks on the back to tether any excess cables, and a new Control Block at the base providing Sequential Power Flow through the product from the Signature Orange Charging Cable provided.

Available in white with orange accents and lighting, they provide the perfect accompaniment to your console of choice.

Pre-order today.

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