Marvel’s Eternals is introducing a legion of powerful super beings

Marvel's The Eternals
Marvel’s Eternals have hidden in the shadows of the world for thousands of years, supposed guardians of humanity from afar. Which, naturally, has fans wondering how awkward it was that these guardians decided to do nothing when Thanos came and snapped away half the world—but the answer may be simple.
Chloe Zhoa told Entertainment Weekly’s latest cover feature the Eternals are dedicated to their sole mission given by the Celestials, which is to hunt down the deviants, while never interfering with human affairs.
No doubt we’ll get a complicated version of that request in the film itself. After all, in the comics Thanos was a Titan with the deviant syndrome, a genetic offshoot of the Eternals as a race—a facet we didn’t see explored in the backstory we were given in Infinity War and Endgame, which could come into play now we’re directly dealing with the Eternals and Deviants here. Plus, as Gemma Chan (who plays Sersi in the movie) told EW, not all the Eternals are satisfied with non-intervention. “She’s interesting because she is this immortal being, but she’s very grounded as well,” Chan told EW. “She’s a little bit of a free spirit and just loves being amongst humans.” When we meet Sersi in Eternals, she’s actually living among contemporary human society in London, working as a museum curator and even finding herself romantically involved with a human in Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman. So at least some among their kind will have grown lax on the whole “we don’t get involved” memo. 
Eternals is due for release November 5.
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