Marvel Movies: What's Changed

Marvel Movie Updates
There's a lot going on in the film world at the moment and part of that has come from the changes that Disney has made to their forthcoming schedule.
Part of the changes include:
03/11/2023 to 06/09/2024
Deadpool 3
06/09/2024 to 08/11/2024
Fantastic Four
08/11/2024 to 15/02/2025
Untitled Marvel film 
14/02/2025 to 07/11/2025
Avengers: Secret Wars
 07/11/2025 to 01/05/2026
Untitled Marvel film
01/05/2026 has been removed.
With the likes of Blade having been pushed back due to the literal changes in Direction, which came when Bassam Tariq stepped away from the film, it makes sense that some of these would've been pushed back. It'll be interesting if this new timeline sticks, but we will have to see!
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