Lilo & Stitch Live-Action Movie: What We Know So Far!

Lilo & Stitch Movie Poster Still
Aloha, fans of Lilo & Stitch! Almost 20 years since the release of this beloved Disney animated movie about family (ohana) and acceptance, we may now be even closer to seeing the live-action remake come to life on our screens too as it appears that Dean Fleischer-Camp may have been tapped to direct.
Having already made waves with Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, a heartwarming story of Marcel, a little shell on a mission to find his long-lost family after a mysterious tragedy leaves only him, his grandmother Connie and their pet lint, Alan, behind, it feels like this new project could be the perfect fit for Fleischer-Camp.
Now, we've known since around 2018 that a possible live-action remake of the movie was on the cards, and it seems fitting that news of this should come this year, but we're still curious as to exactly how this will translate once it arrives. The story follows the alien Stitch (or Experiment 626) as he lands in Hawaii only to find a home with Lilo and her elder sister Nani, whilst being chased by his creator Jumba Jookiba and his reluctant partner, Pleakley.
We personally can't wait to hear more about how this project will come together, and if you can't wait either, we'd recommend filling the Stitch-shaped hole in your heart with our wonderful Cable Guy.
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