Highlights from The Last of Us

Highlights from The Last of Us
The Last of Us landed and took viewers pretty much by storm by ticking a myriad of boxes for both existing fans of the game, as well as those new to the franchise.
Whether you've been a fan for years or are new to it, there have been a lot of moments that have taken not only us, but everyone online by storm. 
Let's celebrate a few of the things that we've really enjoyed in the series so far.

Updated Fungus Spread

Not that it needed an update, but the fungus that ultimately leads to the end of the world as we know it in The Last of Us series is still based on a real-life fungus that turns one specific specie of ants into zombie-ants in real life.

This blurring of the real and the world of the series really went a long way into adding the fear factor to both the game and the series. Ultimately, the idea to make the science a little more realistic in the series has helped to do this even more, and we love that they took this route.

 The Last of Us

 Game Scene Matching

 There have been many occasions where the game that a series has been based on can barely be seen in the visuals. From the get-go, The Last of Us has managed to tie in key moments from the videogame in a way that feels organic, and almost like an homage to the franchise.

This is something that fans all over the internet have, understandably, gone wild for - finally seeing those moments brought to life on screen with all the detail deserved.

Game changer!

Casting of Joel and Ellie

Oftentimes the characterisation within an adaptation doesn't really reflect the games, books or comics in the way that we'd want them to, and it's easy to see how this could happen.

Thankfully, though, in this particular series, we believe that the attention to detail that both Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay have brought to their respective roles has been immaculate. Accurately portraying the fierceness, strength and vulnerability of both characters whilst also being careful not to change the essence of it is tricky to do, and we're loving their approach.

Episode Three

We need to talk about episode three. Now, we are aware that this deviates from what had been shared in the game, however, this warm and poignant break from what was expected was exactly what we needed.

The heart-wrenching build-up from strangers to soulmates as portrayed by Nick Offerman (Bill) and Murray Bartlett (Frank) is something that ultimately brings life and soul into a dystopian, zombie-infested series, with even the letter that Bill leaves behind cementing Joel's new role as guardian to a young Ellie.

“[It is such a beautiful story that explores the complexity of love, the happiness and pain,” said Druckmann. We'd have to agree.


All in all, we can't wait to see how this develops and are eager to watch it all back again in the future, finding new moments to enjoy along the way.

What have your highlights been so far?

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