Halo Series Releases New Trailer and Gets Release Date!

Halo Series Trailer Still
It feels like we've been talking about it for a while now, but our first true snippet of what the Halo TV series was going to be only emerged back in November. Since then, this hotly anticipated series has left fans on the edge of their seats, and now they've been rewarded. 
Last week we finally caught a bigger look at what we can expect for the series based on one of Microsoft's most iconic franchises.
Prior to this trailer, Frank O'Connor (Franchise Development Director) had already explained the storyline for the show was from its own "silver timeline", giving it scope to combine elements from the gaming storyline alongside all new stories. 
This separation can be seen in many different ways already - Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) is no longer the sole Spartan soldier, Cortana (Jen Taylor) has taken on a very human-like form, plus there's been the addition of Makee (Charlie Murphy), a very human looking representative for The Covenant, the aliens trying to wipe-out humanity.
It'll be interesting to find out what other changes have been made once the series airs on 24 March in the US. But, for those waiting to watch elsewhere, they may have a while to wait yet.
Even with these slight changes, we were still really wowed by the trailer and can't wait to watch it!
What did you think?
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