Forspoken: What to Expect from This All-New Action RPG

Forspoken Image
Upon being transported to a magical world called Athia, Frey, a young New Yorker, finds that she's also developed abilities that'll not only help her to explore this unique new landscape, but also help her get home. That is, as long as she masters her craft, of course.
This all-new adventure game, Forspoken, opens us up to a world in which your magical powers assist in your experience, and survival, especially as you traverse through areas such as the Break, where even the residents of Cipal cannot enter.
This open-world game has a lot of offer in terms of storyline and opportunities, and we're excited to explore the world of Athia alongside Frey, and her trusty sentient Cuff.
Playable in PC and on the PS5.
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