Find the Golden Ticket

This Christmas you might notice an extra little something for you when receiving your order (applicable to all orders made via
Find the golden ticket, Christmas giveaway
We hope you have the best holidays and to say thank you for all your support, we’ll be a scattering an extra helping of festive joy – AKA a candy cane – in all orders made throughout December. Just look out for a little red and white stick of joy, but most importantly, make sure to check the coloured tag attached to your candy. Because… that’s right, we are planting ONE lucky golden ticketed candy cane at random, and it could well be you!
And if you win? We want to help you in mastering your gaming set-up so it is the best it can be. Our brand-new gaming accessory: the Powerstand, a Cable Guy of your choice, and a £100 Amazon voucher will be all yours.
Make sure to snap photos of your orders and candy canes, and tag us on @exgpro, #ExgPro, #CableGuy, #MetaMerch…
Good luck!

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