EGX 2021 Roundup

EGX 2021
After over a year of life without in-person events, the doors to EXG opened once again, welcoming gaming enthusiasts from around the country.
Although the door on physical events had opened, this year many major brands including the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony weren't in attendance, opening up the long weekend to the Indie game makers in a way it hasn't done before, except for its Rezzed events.
The usual spots were there including Esports Tournaments, Tabletop, Retro Game Zones, Cosplay, as well as their Careers advice setup, all carefully arranged to allow for distancing and with sanitation stations dotted throughout.
So, what was the overall reaction? People seemed pleased with the general feel of the event. The lack of queues afforded visitors more time at stalls who did attend, giving them more of an opportunity to take everything in in a way that usually isn't possible in the hubbub of a full-scale event, especially when competing against established companies.
In terms of gaming, attendees were able to play Deathloopwhich has excited many online, as well as Back 4 Blood by from the creators of Left 4 Dead, alongside with many independent and small studio titles.
Since closing, next year's EGX events have already been announced - Birmingham in March 2022 and London in September - and it'll be interesting to find who will be attending and how much will go into these.
Did you attend? Share your highlights of the event with us below!
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