Celebrating May the Fourth, AKA Star Wars Day

May the Fourth. Star Wars Day.
If the year just feels as though it's getting away from you, don't you worry - we entirely get it. That's why we'd like to gently remind you that today is none other than May the Fourth!
For those of you left confused by this, and for whom it's merely just a Wednesday, the day originally came about as play on words from the Star Wars quote "may the force be with you". Since then, May 4th has often been used by fans as a way of celebrating the out-of-this-world Star Wars franchise, as well as everything associated with it.
Over the years we've been able to create some stunning Star Wars related characters, not only from the movie that started it all, but also from the many new series that have popped up since its release. So, without further ado, lets celebrate just some of the outstanding Star Wars Cable Guys that we've created so far, plus a small introduction to an adorable new addition!
Grogu: Seeing Stone Pose

Introducing a new addition to our Cable Guys range; say hello to Grogu, now in his zen-like seeing stone pose.


This young Padawan is ready to amp up the organisation and cuteness of your gaming setup - will you be adding him to your Cable Guy collection?

Boba Fett

Coming in many iterations, the powerful Boba Fett has made a great impact on the franchise. And now, with the Book of Boba Fett Series well underway, he's become even more of a fan favourite.

Darth Vader

“Luke, I am your father.”
Known for one of the most infamous quotes from the franchise, Vader makes for an iconic addition for any fan.

Imperial Stormtrooper

Under the instruction of Emperor Palpatine and commanders, including the likes of Darth Vader, these white-suited army folx may not always be on the light-side, but they are pretty cool in their own right.


Strong, dependable and kind, Ahsoka Tano uses her knowledge of the force to push against the Empire. She's not to be messed with.


Star of the outstanding Disney+ The Mandalorian series, this unique and stand-out character has created a hype like no other. Devoted to those he believes in and friend to little Grogu, The Mandalorian is a great person to have on your side.

How are you celebrating?

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