Cable Guys Character Inspired Halloween Costumes

Cable Guys Character Inspired Halloween Costumes
The spooky season has taken over and we're 100% here for it! Whether you're trick or treating or you're just looking for a gruesome look to strike fear into everyone attending your Halloween party, we've put together a list of just some looks you can recreate based on our Cable Guys characters. 
Black Widow from Marvel
The beauty of this outfit is that you can either go all out with a full catsuit, belt of gadgets and red wig, or you could simply pair some black trousers, a leather jacket, belt and boots for a similar effect too. Simple, but a guaranteed success.
Chun-Li from Street Fighter
Chun-Li is not only a brutal character in Street Fighter, but she's even inspired the likes of Nicki Minaj with her strength. Bring the wrath of Chun-Li to your Halloween party with a simple blue dress, white belt and two buns wrapped in white fabric.
Evil Ryu from Street Fighter
Evil Ryu may just be one of the coolest characters from Street Fighter. Why not recreate the look with a simple all-black vest and trousers look (or a karate suit if there's one handy), a red bandana, some dark fingerless gloves, and maybe you could even throw in some red contacts too.
Ghost from Call of Duty
This is outfit is perfect for those who have a pair of cargo trousers and a bandana. If you don't have one with a cross-skull and bones, why not use some black fabric and get creative instead? If you're feeling a little more artistic still, you could also try going wild with some face paints, throw in something quite cape-like and you're on to a winner!
Harley Quinn from DC Comics
One of the most colourful and beloved characters from the DC Universe, Harley Quinn is a favourite when it comes to Halloween costumes. If you'd like to recreate the look on a budget, just grab some colour spray for your hair, an edgy top, fun shorts and boots - just be sure to bring the attitude!
Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas
Less of a nightmare to put together than you'd imagine, Jack Skellington is arguably the most perfect of outfits to wear for a spooky celebration. All you need is a black suit-like outfit and a shirt, paired alongside some simple Halloween makeup and you're there. If you'd like to attempt the oversized bowtie, why not use some tulle and an elastic band?
Pennywise from IT
It's a classic and guaranteed to frighten anyone you may encounter during trick or treating. Fancy adding a spin to your Pennywise costume? Adapt the classic to reflect your own style - from a cute version to an undead twist, there's a lot you can do with this dancing clown.
Psycho from Borderlands 3
Right. We know that most people don't have one of these masks hanging around their house, but the look overall - orange cargo trousers and optional dirty white vest - is pretty simple to recreate. Plus, if you're feeling crafty, why not try taking some fabric pens to some white tights to create your own version of the mask?
Venom from Marvel
Perhaps one for the more experienced Halloweeners, if executed well this outfit could stop traffic. Shiny, dark, fitted and pretty scary, we have a feeling that this'll be one we'll be seeing a lot of this year.
Wonder Woman from DC Comics
This one is a classic for those who are fans of Diana. Though it can be tricky to recreate from your average wardrobe, we'd also recommend pulling a couple of her more iconic day-to-day looks for added flexibility.
Who, or what, will you be dressing up as this spooky season?
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