Black Widow Final Trailer

Black Widow Poster
Over the weekend we were treated to the final trailer of Black Widow just moments after the new release date was announced. It reminds us just what an important part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow really is…
Blending new material with what we’ve previously seen, the trailer shows Black Widow wrestling with her complicated past before becoming an Avenger (including flashbacks featuring ‘sister’ Yelena and her adoptive parents Alexei Shostakovand Melina Vostokoff), all whilst trying to resolve some serious unfinished business. Besides her family, it also introduces Taskmaster - a new villain connected to Black Widow’s time as a KGB assassin.

The movie is set to be revolutionary in revealing Natasha Romanoff’s past and seems to match the tone of the franchise’s most excellent sequels to date. We cannot wait to see how it comes together.

The movie arrives on Disney+ on Friday 9 July, and you can shop our Black Widow Cable Guy here.

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